Mobile App for Contactless Access Control and Delivery Signing

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

DigitalQ Mobile Access to allow access to premises without signing of paper registers

As South Africa eases to level 3 of lockdown more than 8 million people are expected to return to work with more activities expected to resume during this period. This is happening while infection numbers continue to rise with more people expected to contract the virus as they interact with co-workers and customers, in public transport and in other public spaces. It is thus important that access to premises is tightly controlled with up-to-date records of people that have accessed the premises. At the same time access control and recording should avoid exchanging paper registers and pens as this could increase the risk of infections. It will also be necessary to keep contacts of people that have had access to the building for easy and speedy contact tracing if it were to be necessary. Sadly, most companies and even takeout restaurants are using the tedious and infection prone pen and paper system to record people accessing their buildings and shops.

Some organisations have access cards and facial recognition technologies for employee access, however this is not possible with customers and other visitors. This is where mobile phone access is a solution as it ensures contact is avoided and necessary information is shared through the mobile application.

The DigitalQ mobile app offers organisations a contactless solution for recording access to the premises and the sharing of contact information of visitors for traceability. The app uses NFC (Near Field Communication) and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technologies to scan access tags/stickers at the premises. The tags are chips coded with information of the venue to be accessed and upon reading this information the app shares the information of the person to access the venue with the access controller. Both the company visited and the visitor have a record of the visit and should there be a need for contact tracing, it becomes easy to cascade information to people that may have been exposed.

Public Spaces and Transport (Taxis, Buses and Trains)

The NFC tags can also be posted in public spaces such that people can scan them to keep track of places they have visited and to be easily contacted should a need arise. Similarly, public transport such as taxis and trains can have tags that passengers can scan to record their rides in a particular taxi, bus or train. This is somewhat similar to using ride hailing apps where users share their information through the app and get an email record of the ride. This is important during this period as contact tracing becomes an important tool in the fight against the pandemic.

Table Tags for Restaurants

As restaurants make their case to reopen for dining patrons it would bolster their case to consider having access and table tags to record access and possibly the seating location of each patron. Having the precise location of each person in the restaurant may prove helpful as it could determine which of the contacts needed to screen or test. Even better restaurants can use the tags to share their menus through the app thus eliminating the need for paging through menus that would need regular sanitising.

Signing for Deliveries

In addition to access control DigitalQ can be used for contactless signing of deliveries to customers. This is possible through sharing of the delivery note scan through the app and the customer signing on the app acknowledging receipt of the delivered goods. Once again this eliminates the need for contact with paper and pen thus reducing possible transfer of the virus. A record of delivery, and receipt thereof, is immediately available to the customer and the organisation, indicating delivery location and the time of delivery.

There are many use cases from which businesses and government can benefit in adopting the DigitalQ App. In the main the app helps regulate and record access in terms of time, location and exchange of information (...and documents) about such access. Innovative organisation will find unbound possibilities that simplify their everyday operations as they adapt the app to solve their unique problems. Have some ideas? Email ( us with your use cases and let's create a digital future together. DigitalQ App can be downloaded here.

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