Head Office Listing, invoicing and contracting for the company and its branches.

Once Off



Monthly subscription per shop. This amount is payable from the first month for each branch listed. 

month-to-month listing

R175 pm


Government and Non-Profit Organisation can apply for special listing pricing.

Yearly subscription



Take advantage of the FREE TRIAL

Retailers and retail centres (malls and shopping centres) can list one or more shops on DigitalQ.

An introductory TRIAL offered to help shops and centres realise the efficacy of the app and then decide whether the value added is worth paying for. The trial is a once-off period up to 30 August 2020 and will not be available to businesses listing after this date.

Click here or Start Trial  to register your business.  


Volume is volume and deserves a discount

We offer volume discount for businesses with more than 50 branches to list. The discount applies only from the 51st branch being listed. A standard discount of 25% applies to each additional branch above 50 and listing of more than 500 branches can negotiate a further discount provided they opt for a six month contract instead of a month-to-month listing.

Contact us to engage on you specific case 


Value is only realised when experienced

The value proposition for businesses is two-sided, On one hand you can manage social distancing in your shop with minimal investment on crowd control. On the other hand customer frustration and sometimes shop avoidance are minimised if not eliminated.

Of course this value accrues to those using the app and the app could be the difference between gaining and losing customers as customers opt for convenience.

Right now this value is available to every business, for FREE.

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