DigitalQ Features


DigitalQ Access  - Allows contactless access control to areas that require positive identification for access. Users simply bring their NFC-enabled phone closer to a TAG and their details are automatically recorded and shared with the accessed venue. The record includes a timestamp to indicate date and time and geolocation to confirm location of the user. 


DigitalQ Screening - People accessing a shop, an office, a campus, a church are screened for Covid-19 before entry. DigitalQ allows self screening with the record immediately shared with the place being accessed and the person doing the self screening. The temperature record at entry can be entered into an existing timestamped self screening record. 


DigitalQ Bookings - People book available services on the app, eliminating the need to make numerous phone calls to different providers. With the app they can choose the scheduled time and indicate the number or duration they are booking for. A provisional booking reference is issued, followed by a record of confirmation from the provider. 


DigitalQ Queuing - Allows people to queue for scheduled time slots in shops, shopping centres, restaurants, churches, government centres, and any other place in which people converge. The rationale is to avoid congestion by distributing access to the space in terms of its capacity at any given time. 


DigitalQ Reports - The app generates automated statistical reports on people who queued, booked, accessed and gave feedback. These can be scheduled weekly, monthly or as per requirement. 

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